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The continuous journey of life. Motivated with the desire to train for a marathon while learning how to balance four children, a dependent mother, a military husband and an energetic yellow lab. And above all to remember to serve others and live the life God intended for me.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The beginning

First and foremost, my disclaimer: I am Not a writer, I am NOT a running expert, nor will I ever be considered one. I am just a mom who likes to run to burn off calories and stress. If you have run a marathon before, you probably know what to do better than I do. I just have a goal and decided to Blog about my process & adventure, all the ups and downs. For all my fellow mom runners (that have never run a marathon before), I hope this at least offers you some different ideas for your training.

So I have had a difficult past year, my father past away, I became pregnant with my 4th child (yes this is a blessing), I moved, I gained 65lbs, I lost a very dear friend and I am now responsible for taking care of my mother who has MS. Needless to say it has been rough and I have had no time to exercise much less run at all.

Recently a good friend and my first running buddy asked me to run a race with her, Marine Corps Marathon Oct 2011 (why so far away? Because she is expecting her third baby this nov!)
At first I was thinking NO WAY! But then I decided that it might just be far enough away that it would be an obtainable goal for me and a way to de-stress myself? But now how do I make it happen??? I am not exactly sure, but I have a few ideas to help me get started in the right direction.

I decided I need to do TWO half marathons before I even think about doing a full. So I am in the process of finding a half in apr 2011 and then in sept 2011(early/mid). I will use a 12 week program to train for the apr race so I know that I will need to start training early feb 2011 for my first half. The marathon training program is 18 weeks, so I will need to start in early Jul 2011 for that.

Right now I need to lose weight (50lbs more-hopefully done in dec this year). I also need to work on running further distances and speed work. My goal for Dec this year is to run 6 miles under an hour (which is basically under a 10 min mile pace).

Short term goals (by dec 2010)
-new shoes
-loss 50lbs
-increase speed
-increase distance

Mid term goals(summer 2011)
-run 2 half marathons (apr and sept) Goal for 2nd half is 2 hours but may need to change.
-start training for Apr half in Feb 2011 probably using Hal Higdon's novice plan modified a little
-start Marathon training Jul 2011
-set marathon finish time goal

Long term goals (oct 2011)
-run marathon

So right now my work out schedule is very erratic because of the summer. I am doing my best to work out but will have a set schedule in the fall when school starts again. I will continue to concentrate on losing weight and get in all the workouts I can till then! What are YOU doing right now to prepare for Oct 2011?


  1. Good for you Hollie! I can't even express how many emotions I went through when reading your first entry here. Not that I'm entitled to, but I'm so proud of your ability to set goals and your bravery for putting them out there for others to help you be accountable. Tears welled up at the thought of Terri...and how proud she would have been as well. It's amazing how one person can leave such a strong mark of others, she was incredible.

    Anyway, good for you Hollie. I'll continue to watch you progress towards your goal! Oh, and what am I doing right now to prepare for Oct 2011? I am continuing to find ways to maintain my sanity. If I'm still relatively sane over here in Oct 2011, I'll be happy =)

  2. Wow Hollie! You go girl!! This will be very interesting to follow you on your blog. You set goals so far away and that is great! Good for you. If anyone can do it, you can. Keep your chin up. I would say I would join you?? but a 10 minute mile for 6 miles I just don't think my old body can do? I really admire you for doing this. What a great daughter in law and MOTHER you are! Love ya, mom Julie

  3. GOOOO Hollie! Now maybe my lazy self should hear you out! So proud of you and all that you have and continue to do! You are such a inspiration and I just wanted you to know that! :)