One mile at a time....

The continuous journey of life. Motivated with the desire to train for a marathon while learning how to balance four children, a dependent mother, a military husband and an energetic yellow lab. And above all to remember to serve others and live the life God intended for me.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Progress......small but forward

So I decided to keep track (in a more organized way) of my weightloss and exercise goals. So after looking over the months of June and July I have some results. I lost 15.2 lbs in the month of June and only 2.2 lbs in July. Not a big suprise because we travelled to Iowa and we were there for 11 days counting all the travel days. I intended to eat well and exercise a lot......but somehow that did not happen. I did eat okay and exercised 3 times.........but as the numbers show-NOT enough!!!

I did really well last week though. I made it to the gym 4 times and did yoga at home. Hopefully I will keep the same schedule this week. On sunday we leave for the beach for 4 nights!!! I am very excited to take this last vacation before Chad leaves and the kids start school again. My goal is to run 1 day, use gym one day and maybe yoga one day while we are there. If I can throw in some walks on the beach with the four kids (and my fabulous husband) I think I will be set! However, it is vacation and enjoying our time is the priority for the trip!

I have changed my running routine a little bit. I now run 1 mile then walk .15, then run 1 mile, then walk .15. After that I increase my speed and run .5, .25, .25 walking in between. I ran 3 miles in 32:54. I am satisified with that for now! My goal is to run 3 miles under 30 mins by Oct 15th. In order to do that I need to be able to run 3 miles without walking!!! If I stick to my diet and lose more weight it should be no problem. (SHOULD).

When the kids start school I am hoping to really get into a regular routine. I would like to run 3 times a week, yoga 1-2, weights 1-2, spin 1-2. Hopefully it will ALL fall into place and keep me distracted and busy so I don't notice that a very important part of me is half way across the world sleeping in a tent!!!!

Well after reviewing my short term goals I realize I have some work to do. First, I cannot believe I still have not gotten new running shoes (my knees are starting to object!) I need to accomplish that this weekend!!!! Second, I still have 45lbs to lose :( Third, on a good note, I HAVE increased my speed and the distance I run (before a walk break) so that is PROGRESS!

So short term goals: SHOES!!!, regular workout schedule, 3 miles under 30 mins, timed 1 mile sprint .......